Tying Myself to the Tracks

My husband made these treats. In my kitchen. I think he hates me.

My husband baked these treats. In my kitchen. *sob*

Need some motivation to reach your fitness goals? Goals like… say… not bulking up over the holidays like a bear preparing to hibernate?

Share your goal with everyone you know. Tell them your deadline, too. Post it on Facebook. Tweet it. Pin it. Encourage people to inquire about your progress.

Accountability in the form of avoiding public failure can be worth it’s weight in gold.

So – Here’s mine:

On December 6th, 2013 I will be celebrating my First Health-iversary. That date will mark a full year of maintaining 100 lbs of weight loss, one year since I started Happy Exhaustion.

I intend to mark my anniversary by proving that I really, truly have kept off every pound.

I will post a picture of myself standing on a scale – numbers and all.

*insert the abject horror of a girl with no photoshop skills here*

With any luck, I will be standing on a scale that says 142 lbs. That’s what it said when I wrote my first blog post on that day in 2012!

All that stands between me and that seriously triumphant picture is a little math…

16 days + 4 parties + 1 husband practicing his holiday baked goods (today involved homemade pies with homemade fruit compote… God, give me strength) + 1 Thanksgiving = Wait… I might not have properly thought this through…

Hold me to it, interwebs!

I’ll do it with your help!

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