Upping Your Gift Game


Guys, we need to talk about the holiday gifts we give to those who have perform valuable services for us throughout the year.

The physical therapist who got you back on your feet, the hair stylist who squeezed you in during a hair emergency, the realtor who sold your house for $10k over asking price – The people on your Gestures of Gratitude list.

As someone in the service industry, I promise that these impulses towards generosity are utterly heartwarming and deeply appreciated.

Everyone likes to know that their professional efforts are seen and valued!

But we have GOT to talk about what we choose to give.

I just took my puppy to the vet and their reception area is just FILLED with sugary treats.

It’s no wonder that at this time every year, my lifestyle clients start flowing in with identical crises: How to cope with the avalanche of sugar landing in their work space???

These dedicated members of our #FitFam are doing their best to stay healthy through the holidays. Nobody wants to hit Resolution Time feeling icky about holiday-induced weight gain! So, they’re determined to persevere with healthy choices. They have big plans. They will not be derailed.

But then the free cookies, chocolates and other sweet treats arrive on the scene.

They’re waiting on their reception desk.

They’re scattered throughout the office space.

It looks a bit like this wherever they turn:

They’re calling out loud!

“Eat me! I’m delicious! You don’t have to pay a cent! It would be rude to the gift giver if you didn’t have at least ONE (or twelve)! It’s just this one season! It wouldn’t be the holidays without all of the cookies!”

When you’re looking for a gift for these special members of our community, I completely understand the impulse to use sweets to be sweet.

But in reality, gifts of sugar too often triggers anxiety.

“I shouldn’t… Or maybe I should? I don’t want to be rude. And I’m hungry… Ok, I will. That was delicious. Dammit, I’m so mad at myself for caving. I knew I shouldn’t have done that…” On and on.

So, in an effort to help you to support the people who deserve appreciation, may I recommend a different kind of gift? A nice crudités platter? Or perhaps a fruit basket? It won’t jack up your budget too much, and your recipients will be so much more grateful.

Stay strong, office workers! Don’t let those nibbles get between you and your confident strut!

And remember – I’m always here. Come see me, set up a Skype session, whatever works. I’ve coached people safely across these mine fields for years – I can do it for you, too.

***Yes, I expect emails from our friends with the metabolisms of hummingbirds and those who don’t give AF about fitness when there are cookies and candy available. I’m sorry, y’all. This is for the best, I promise.

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