The Devil Drink

It's like Sophie's Choice!

It’s like Sophie’s Choice!

Blog disclaimer: Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. Don’t drink more than you can handle. Know your limits. Know when to say when. Etc. Etc. Etc.

We good?

Ok – so: What’s your hooch of choice?

At the occasional leisurely brunch I enjoy a Bloody Mary. At a sporting event? Corona. Coors Light in a pinch. Classy evening soirée? A nice white wine. And my true love? A modest serving of top-shelf vodka. Cheap vodka hurts my head, but I do adore the good stuff.

All of us who like to unwind with a drink have our favorites. I’d wager you can probably list not only your own, but also your spouse’s, your college roommates and best friends’. And, while it is important to step away from the bar if you begin to develop a dependence, lots of us look forward to our drink of choice at the end of the day.

You can probably relate.

How do I know you can relate? Because you’ve sent me your emails, texts, and carrier pigeons, all asking the following: How can I lose weight without giving up my cocktails?

I have heard from dozens of people who feel frustrated because they’re ‘doing everything right’ and CANNOT shake the last 5-10 lbs. They work out at least 5 times a week! They eat clean, whole foods in limited quantities! They drink soooo much water! WTF?!

Wow – that’s tricky… Well, what about booze?

That’s when we usually get down to the real issue.

Those soothing glasses of yumminess are maddeningly jam-packed with calories. Yes, even if they have ‘skinny’ in their name.

If you simply weren’t factoring your alcoholic beverages into your daily calorie count, TA-DA!  Simple fix. Mystery solved.

But for the majority of people who consult with me, when we get down to the brass tacks, the truth is that weight loss just doesn’t rank above their nightcaps. Lots of us want to drop a few pounds, but if we’re being honest, we know that we don’t crave a smaller number on the scale as much as we crave our cocktails.

That’s fine. Just stop beating yourself up over what’s not working! You know what’s not working, it’s just farther than you’re interested in going – at least for now.

I wish I had a magic solution, but…

If you’re going to keep drinking, I can help you figure out how to maintain your weight.

If you’re ready to put the bottle down, I can help you lose weight.

But, if you aren’t blessed with the metabolism of a humming-bird, I know of no way to allow you to kick back with a beer every night and lose weight at the same time.

Is it physically possible to lose weight without giving up alcohol? Sure. You just have to all but starve yourself throughout the rest of your waking hours.

Over the summer, I discovered the following: If I want to maintain my sweet spot of 140-145 lbs, I can’t drink. At all. I just don’t have the willpower to eat so little during the day! To make the math work with liquor added at the end of the balance sheet, I need to spend all day feeling hungry and cranky. It’s not worth it for me.

I can, however, enjoy a cocktail a few days a week if I’m ok with maintaining closer to 150 lbs. It’s just a question of priorities. When I want my personal best, I need to avoid alcohol altogether. When I’m feeling relaxed and groovy and don’t mind carrying an extra 5 lbs around, then a nice glass of wine is invited to the party.

Need one more fitness-related reason to avoid the Devil Drink? Drinking tends to make you feel ever-so-slightly less strongly about your sober goals. The girl who drunk-dials her ex after one too many glasses of wine is the same girl who says ‘eff it – let’s order pizza!’

Not that I would ever be inspired to blog about the Devil Drink by a minor hangover mixed with humiliatingly tragic, blurry-around-the-edges memories of mindless late-night consumption of handfuls of stale candy corn…

The bar sign I made for my son's superhero birthday party is right...

The bar sign I made for my son’s superhero birthday party is right…

One thought on “The Devil Drink

  1. I read an article which said about many scientific research of combination fitness and alcohol. It stated:
    1) Single dose of alcohol to the point of light alcoholic intoxication is equal to skipping one workout.
    2) Strong alcoholic intoxication is equal to skipping 1-2 weeks of workouts.
    3) The regular consumption of alcohol, even in small amounts (17 fl.oz of beer every other day) inevitably leads to stagnation in 80% of athletes and reduce muscle growth in 100%.
    Below there were physiological fact with links to scientific research. After reading that, I reduced my alcohol consuption to minimum. I don’t drink when it’s not a VERY SPECIAL occasion (before: – I’m feeling tired, let’s have a drink? – OK, come on!). So the last time I drank was in the end of August. The next will be my best friend’s BDay on Saturday, than probably New Year and my BDay in May. 🙂

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