I just want to leave this here. Because epic moments of body positivity are worth remembering!

Thanks, Tyra!

2 thoughts on “#TBT

  1. Dear Katey, I’m not sure if you’ll see this, but I feel sick. I read your blog post from 2012 about your daughter, and it made me sad. My daughter is getting ready to turn 17. She is my best friend, and I think I am responsible for her being heavy. I don’t want to sound like I’m exaggerating, but my daughter has heard, watched, and witnessed, not only about my own dieting problems, but also about my terrible eating habits and my aversion to quitting. Your words resonated with me about how she watches and emulates everthing I do, and I’m TERRIFIED. She will be away to college in a year, and this is the only chance I have left to show her the right path. Because I’m weak, she’s weak. Because I’m lazy, she’s lazy. Because I love sweets, she loves sweets. I’ve tried to encourage better habits, but they’ll never work if she keeps seeing me be weak. She even copies my whining about how I try and try and nothing works. The truth is, I don’t try hard enough, and deep down I know it. I expect the quick fix, and so does she. BUT, I know if I succeed, she will see that, and she will want that too. This is my motivation. For her to go off to college knowing what is right and wrong about diet and exercise. I want her to have the tools because I won’t be there to influence her.:( I’ve tried so hard to keep her girl self-esteem intact, and I think I have succeeded in that. She doesn’t have body shame, and that is a good thing, but she is very unhealthy (almost 240lbs.). She needs me to succeed! I need me to succeed! Scared to begin, scared to fail. I feel like I’ve been here many, many times before and failed everytime. What is the secret to sticking with it? Help!

    • Dear Steph,
      I’m so sorry that it has been forever and a day since you sent me this message! I’m afraid I’ve been off of the blog for about a year.
      One of the reasons why I’ve been absent is that I’ve been setting up a new business. It’s called BioFit Philly and one of the services we now offer is online Skype coaching. If I can help either you or your daughter, it would be an honor and a privilege.
      If actual coaching doesn’t appeal to you, I hope that you will hear me when I tell you that you already have everything you need to succeed inside of you – you have your motivator. If you can keep your motivator close as you move through life making decisions related to your lifestyle, you’ll reach every fitness goal you set for yourself.
      All my best to you and your girl.

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