Nothing is impossible.

See the girl in blue? That’s me!! Nothing is impossible.


Welcome to Happy Exhaustion! I’m Katey Dyck and I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m The Girl Who Lost So Much Weight PEOPLE Magazine Came Calling.

After spending my first 31 years completely stagnant (resulting in a peak weight of 243 lbs), I finally discovered what I’m capable of when I apply myself to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Luckily, what began as an arduous chore has finally developed into a joyful addiction!

If you enjoy the blog or have any questions, I’d love to hear from you! Join me at the Happy Exhaustion Facebook page, tweet me @HappyExhaustion or follow me on Instagram @Happy.Exhaustion. I’ll follow back anyone who’s on a journey of their own!

Don’t be shy – cheering you on is my favorite! After losing 100+ lbs, I’m here to wave pom-poms, jump up & down, and send up flares – whatever it takes to convince you that you absolutely can achieve your fitness goals.

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I’m the proud owner of BioFit Philly, a biometric testing business located in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia. We offer body composition, resting metabolism & VO2 max testing, and I coach clients as they set and achieve their uniquely personal wellness goals. Coaching with me is available both in person in Philly and via Skype from wherever you may be.

After fighting my way through every possible roadblock and hurdle on my road to fitness, I take great joy in coaching others through their own triumphs, struggles and plateaus. No matter how lofty your goals, I can help to chart your path to a lifestyle that is not only healthy & strong, but actually enjoyable.

I don’t promise that it will be easy (it probably won’t be!), but I do promise that it WILL be worth it.

Happy Exhaustion will not sell you anyone’s BS diet plan. There is no Quick Fix. But there is JOY!

No matter what chapter I write, it’s all written one day at a time. Come along with me, I’m in it for the long haul.

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  1. Thank you so much! I just came across your site after reading your article on Huffington Post. I have been struggling with my weight for all of my adult life and I will be 30 this year. SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE. Seeing your food journal has been helpful to me. I’ve always been told that I eat so healthy and I didn’t feel that it needed to adjust my eating because of this, but I am still eating too much. That helped me to reshape what we’ve been told to do, 5-6 small meals, which I am just now realizing, doesn’t work for me. One big meal and healthy snacks sounds has yielded better results for me, but I often end up hungry. Trying to increase my water, coffee and tea. Wish me luck, I have about 100 to lose too…sigh.

    • Lots and lots and lots of luck! Not that you need it. All you need is the motivation to make the change, and it sounds like you’ve found it. Go, girl!
      I think it’s so important to find whatever works for you. When we feel like we’re punishing ourselves, it makes us want to quit. So, if lots of little meals doesn’t work for you (it doesn’t work for me!) then try other options. I like a big dinner, but I’ve never been a breakfast person. Maybe a big breakfast or lunch would work for you. Do whatever feels the best, whatever you can stick with. You’ve got such amazing things awaiting you!
      Good luck! And if you ever need a cheerleader, come back around. I have faith in you!! YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. I am a mother as well with 100lbs to lose. I had lost 60 pounds in the past but gained it back. Then I got pregnant and had terrible morning (all day) sickness which caused me to lose a total of 50lbs during my pregnancy but my son is now 18 months old and I have managed to gain back 35 of those pounds. I made a decision to get back on track and start eating right and working out. I know it works because it has in the past for me. I am tracking my food, water, and exercise. Your story reminded me of how great it feels to lose the weight. Now its time for me to get serious, lose it and keep it off. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Poor Mama! I had terrible all day morning sickness when I was pregnant with my son, so I know how dreadful that can be.
      Good luck with finding the time to make yourself the priority. I know it can be hard with a little one. Do you have a jogging stroller? When I was just getting started on my fitness journey, I would go to the park with my little guy in a jogging stroller. It helped to get me moving, and I got to feel like a good mommy for getting him out in the sunshine 🙂
      Good luck and stay in touch! I’ll be cheering you on! Go, girl, go!

  3. Hi Katey! Read your story & am totally inspired — which I need a lot these days!
    I’ve been struggling to lose 60 pounds (I’m currently 205 – and I do regular exercise in the form Zumba… all cardio) and recently purchased Insanity, too. However, I was very discouraged after the 1st week of how much of the workout I could NOT do! Maybe I’m not fit enough yet to stick to this workout — or should I keep going (half-ass-edly!)?!?! I would love your thoughts on this!

    • Hi, Melissa! So glad you stopped by and commented.
      I had a BEAST of a time getting started with Insanity. I called Shaun T a sadist after taking my first fit test 🙂
      I say stick with it, but strike ‘half-ass-edly’ from your mind. If you’re giving it all you can, you’re a rockstar and deserve full-ass props. It’s only half-assed if half is all you’re trying to do or willing to put into it. I couldn’t keep up AT ALL when I first started, nor did I ever think I would be able to catch up. But, I kept following the routine every day and there is very little I have ever experienced that felt quite so good as seeing real progress. You’ll be doing power jumps in no time 🙂 I’d love to hear about your progress!

  4. Hi there! I just saw found you from Huffington Post! I too have started a journy of healthy living since February. I started juicing and went on a 4 day juice fast. Since then I’ve tried to cut several things out as well as add (even more importantly) many other healthy options. I’ve discovered Chia seeds, more Omega 3 and 6, very little fast food, no more coffee or soda EVER and nothing with sweetner. Here’s the kicker…I’ve hardly lost ANY weight! Right now I’m 143 (sound familiar) and started at 151. It’s been 3.5 months and the scale doesn’t move. Am I being naive to think I can lose weight without having to work out? I used to be able to but now that I have 4 kids and a full time job AND I’m a single mom, I find it impossible. When I did start working out I was going to Zumba and jogging a couple of times a week. I hurt my back and haven’t gone back since then. I’m motivated by how much better I feel but man on man I would really like to see more results with my weight. I’ve seen so many people say “I lost 100 lbs in a year” and I’m sitting over here like CRAP! I’m 3 months in and have only lost 8! YIKES! Anyway, I’m trying so hard to stay focused but there have been times where I haven’t stuck to the plan. I’m not sure if I’m looking for answers here but I want the same success. I admire your strenght and dedication. I think I’m scared to get hurt both physically and emotionally. I realized with the juice fast, I was a HUGE emotional eater. My body felt fine but my mind kept telling me I “wasn’t getting what I needed” It wasn’t need, it was habit that behavioral issues telling me I was missing out. That’s again and any advise would be SO welcomed! =)

  5. Hey Katey? I think I’m ready. I’ve been reading your blog for a while, always full of excuses for why I couldn’t possibly do what you’ve done. But I think I’ve finally found that motivation that you’ve found in being healthy for your kids.
    I’m a little overwhelmed staring down the barrel of 100 pounds to lose- how did you deal with that? I’m wondering if I might need to recruit friends and family to help cheer me along the way.
    Also, thanks for your blog- Even if you aren’t posting as much anymore, reading over the archives is a blast. I don’t know if I’m ready for Insanity, but you have talked about Jillian Michaels and that has piqued my interest! I do need to start slow at this level of fitness…

  6. I am 48. Have had numerous med/neurological issues and now w menopause fast ap preaching I need encouragement. Need to loose 15 pounds and eat better. I am in a rut. I hope this page can help me

  7. Where do I start? How do I start? How do I get out of my own way?
    61 yrs lost and seriously off track and the clock is ticking.

  8. I came across a Pinterest pin and saw your website at the bottom. I’m looking forward to reading your past blogs. I’m a mom of three and a military wife so looking for some workout inspiration and recipes to help in my journey. I turned 40 this summer and this is MY year to do something for me. I’m making a career change as well and I’m hoping to head off to Basic Training in the coming months. Strength and stamina are key. The post I came across was the “Kick your own ass boot camp”. I have some work ahead of me and I think your website will aid in keeping the motivation going. Thank you.

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